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Pandemic Travel


While you do not have to get tested for COVID-19 before returning home, your destination might require you to get tested within 72 hours before going on your honeymoon. Keep that in mind when scheduling your departure date, as tests are not usually processed over weekends.  

Federal law requires everyone to wear a mask within the airport and on planes. 

Different states have different restrictions, which makes multi-state road trip planning particularly tricky. 

There currently is a shortage of rental car vehicles, so reserving one well ahead of time is highly recommended. Attractions and National Parks often have timed and limited entries available. Reservations are often required.



Currently, all travelers returning to the US from abroad have to get tested within three days of their scheduled departure from the destination. Many destinations and resorts have adapted quickly and make testing easy and convenient.

Some destinations require you to get tested before visiting. The time frame varies between 7 days to 72 hours beforehand. 

Please keep in mind that protocols change frequently. We will help you monitor them. 


As of right now, some destinations are only available for vaccinated travelers. That also includes many of the cruise lines. However, there still are many destinations that can be visited without being vaccinated but will likely require you to test for COVID-19 before arrival.

To learn more about how we make pandemic travel easier click here.

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